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Member Self Registration Using the Registration Form

Steps for Setting Up You Online Registration Form

Choose a Type of Registration Form Pdf

The below video covers adding and editing the registration forms in the Sportzware Online Membership system. Below the video is some information that clarifies several key aspects of the video.

When setting up a Registration Form, Administrators are able to choose from four different types of forms.  These are:

  • Member to Association
  • Member to Club
  • Member to Team
  • Team to Association

An Adminstrator can now also create as many Registration Forms that they like as there is no limit on each type of form.  Administrators are also now able to set what type of member a person can register as.  This allows only players or coaches to be able to registered on the selected form and gives Administrators the ability to create Coach, Player or Match Official specific Registration Forms and have the fields specifically for the intended member types.

An additional feature of the Registration Forms is the ability to restrict who can be allowed to register through the Registration Form. These options, and what they mean, are:

  • Allow all registrations - Anyone can register through this registration form
  • Allow new registrations if not in the national system - Only members who aren't currently in the national database can register
  • Allow new registrations only if in national system - Only members who are currently in the national database can register
  • Allow existing members only - Only allows members who have their Username and Password to register again
  • Allow new registrations only - Doesn't display the Username and Password login and if Duplicates are found with this person then they member won't be allowed to proceed
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