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Welcome to the SportingPulse Support Wiki

We have migrated the content from this wiki site across to our new Support Ticketing System. Please click here to go to our new Support Website for all product information, instructions and support.

Products / Software Packages

Sportzware Central - Offline Competition Managment Software
Sportzware Communicator - Send Emails and SMS to your members
Sportzware Online- Online Competition Management Software
Sportzware Online Membership - Online Membership Database Management
Standard Websites - Association, Club and Team Websites
SmarterWeb Websites - TYPO3 Premier Sites
Online Registration and Payments - SportingPulse Payments 
Sportzware Online Results System
Sportzware Event Systems
Sportzware Tipping
iPhone App

Quick Links
SportingPulse System Changes

January 2012

Multi-Reg Registration System
Apple iPhone App Support
2010 AFL Transfer/Permit & Registration changes
Running Sportzware Central on Windows 7 & Vista
Redirecting Your Domain Name to Your SportingPulse Website
Team to Association and Member to Team Registration Process
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Privacy / Terms & Conditions

Prvacy Policy
Member Terms & Conditions
Advertising Terms & Conditions
SMS Terms & Conditions
SMS Refund Policy

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